Education is a Process

The two most well-known coaches have been hired by the bottom-two Canadian NHL teams of the 2014-15 season.

The Edmonton Oilers have hired Todd McLellan, while the Toronto Maple Leafs have hired Mike Babcock. The two coaches are seen as the top mentors in hockey who have proven track records with their former teams, and are now looking for greater success with their new respective clubs.

Todd McClellan had signed with the Oilers after coaching Canada’s golden adventure in the 2015 World Championships in Czech Republic. McClellan had placed Sidney Crosby in between Jordan Eberle and Taylor Hall on Canada’s first line, a potential simulation of having Connor McDavid between the two allstar forwards. Placing Crosby on the first line paid off really well, with the line scoring as an elite force for the Canadian top line.

McClellan is well-liked by Jordan Eberle and Taylor Hall, a reason as to why he was hired by the Oilers. His ability as a coach to mentor the younger players of the game shows his passion to win.

Mike Babcock has been the most sought-after coach by a number of teams in recent weeks. After everyone thought that he was not going to Toronto, it was announced Wednesday afternoon that he joined the blue and white.

Babcock has a great work ethic with a tough mentality that makes everyone uneasy in order to push for success. Babcock will serve as the cement that holds the team together. He realizes that “We have good people here. We’re going to acquire good people. We’re going to make them better.”

Babcock is willing to learn about his top players Dion Phaneuf and Phil Kessel. It’s who he is as a mentor. He is about focusing on the process, a process that will take time.

The two teams are focusing on a new winning attitude. The Oilers have general manager Peter Chiarelli and coach Todd McLellan. The Leafs have interim (assistant) general manager Kyle Dubas and coach Mike Babcock. Edmonton is looking to become the city of champions once again, while Toronto is looking to become Canada’s team.


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