Parting from Beauty?

Beautiful. Iconic. Loved by fans. Yet the Toronto Maple Leafs are parting from it. What is “it?” It is the Toronto Maple Leafs’ third jersey. Why might it be going? Maybe it is part of the rebuild. All jokes aside, the famous 1967 heritage jersey might not be worn by the Toronto Maple Leafs this season.

Screenshot 2015-09-17 00.28.26

Back in 2010, the Leafs were parting with their home and away jerseys. In their final regular season home game against the Philadelphia Flyers (2-0 loss), the Leafs gave away their remaining home and away jerseys to the fans in attendance. The jerseys were discontinued and since 2010-11, the Leafs have been using more iconic jerseys which have maple leaf patches on both shoulders.

The Leafs are likely discontinuing their third jersey which was only three years-young. At fan fest, the jerseys were selling for half their original price at $60. Spotchek still sells the premier third jerseys for $140 (regular price), but the Real Sports store at the Air Canada Centre no longer has the jersey available. Such a popular jersey would never sell at such a low price!

After hearing that so many fans like the jersey, it would be sad to not see it worn by the players throughout the season. Although it is speculation, I strongly believe that the jersey will be discontinued.

Bring in the next third jersey (Seriously, let’s all hope I’m wrong)!



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