Step Back to Reality

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New York Islanders’ right-handed defenceman is seeking a trade, not because Hamonic doesn’t like Brooklyn or the Islanders organization. Hamonic has private family concerns that he wants to address by being closer to home. Islanders’ general manager Garth Snow has addressed that he wants Travis Hamonic in return, essentially a right-handed defenceman in return. Which teams would trade for Hamonic?

First let’s evaluate Travis Hamonic. Hamonic plays on the first defensive pairing, a good defensive defenceman with only three points in 19 games in the 2015-16 season. However, Hamonic can be valued as a second pairing defenceman because of his production and his third campaign of his seven-year contract worth $3.8M.

Bleacher Report has noted that some possible trades for Hamonic, many of which are not plausible.

First let’s start with the Calgary Flames, the least logical destination. Bleacher Report suggests that Calgary could possibly trade Dougie Hamilton for Travis Hamonic, but this doesn’t offer any fair value. Calgary DOES NOT want to trade their Rob Blake comparable for a second pairing defenceman. Dennis Wideman should not be considered because of his cap hit.

Edmonton is a more plausible destination for Hamonic. Acquiring Justin Schultz means taking the huge risk of having an injury prone player. Justin Schultz also isn’t a top pairing defenceman that can fill the top pairing void that Hamonic does on the Islanders.

The Vancouver Canucks trading Chris Tanev is another more plausible destination. Trading a right-handed shooting defenceman for a right-handed shooting defenceman might not be the most logical decision with Vancouver’s defensive woes right now. Vancouver aren’t likely interested in trading one of their top defenceman.

Winnipeg is the most likely Canadian destination for Hamonic. Bleacher Report suggests trading Tyler Myers, but just like the Calgary Flames, a team would not be interested in a defenceman they acquired in the past seven months. Dustin Byfuglien is probably the best candidate as a first line defenceman who can provide defensive and offensive support. It might not be logical to sign Byfuglien to a long term contract because of the amount of money he is likely seeking. It would seem most logical if Winnipeg trades Byfuglien for Hamonic and another player to get the most value.

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A second destination for Hamonic that is close to home is St. Paul, Minnesota. The Islanders might want Matt Dumba, the Wild’s second pairing defenceman who could likely become a first pairing defenceman in a few years. At 21 years old, Dumba has five points in seven games through just his second year as a member of the Wild.

Trading Travis Hamonic is a tough task solely because of the value that the Islanders want in return. While it might not be logical to trade with most of the Western Canadian NHL teams, the best value that Garth Snow can get is from the Winnipeg Jets and the Minnesota Wild. For Winnipeg, the Jets can get rid of an expiring contract, allow Tyler Myers to slot into the first pairing, and still have a strong right side. The Wild can get an established second pairing defenceman that can also play on the first pairing.

Best of luck to Hamonic’s family.


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