MVP Great Scott!

The 2016 Bridgestone NHL All-Star weekend was probably the best showing in years. From several standing ovations for John Scott to Jaromir Jagr’s ability to keep up as a 43 year-old, hockey fans were entertained at so many levels.

The mascot showdown entertained the young fans in the Music City Center’s fan fair:

Dylan Larkin broke Mike Gartner’s fastest skater record from 1996 with a speed of 13.172 seconds.

PK Subban channelled his brother (from another mother) Jaromir Jagr in the shootout

And Brent Burns showed his evolution as Chewbacca

After he was voted in the All-Star game and dropped a bomb on the NHL’s slow decision to letting John Scott participate in the All-Star game, Scott was well-respected by both the fans and his fellow players in Nashville. During the off-hours of the festivities, Scott took a selfie with his former San Jose teammates Brent Burns and Joe Pavelski.

John Scott received several standing ovations. An ovation at the beginning of the skills competition. An ovation when he had his first shot of the hardest shot competition. An ovation when he entered into the game. An ovation for his two goals. And a good laugh when he had a little tussle with Patrick Kane.

John Scott was voted into the All-Star game by the fans, and was the most popular personality at most of the events. If only Scott scored an assist to complete the Gordie Howe Hat-Trick! Scott was, the Most Valuable Player.

After receiving a lot of criticism over the past few weeks, John Scott decided to joke with JR:

The 2016 NHL All-Star weekend was the John Scott weekend. Scott enjoyed his weekend with two goals, a fight and hit with Patrick Kane, as well as a 95.9 MPH slap shot in the hardest shot competition. It was only fitting that he received the MVP award for the weekend.

Should the Montreal Canadiens call John Scott up from the St. John’s Ice Caps to boost their offence?


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