Playoffs North of the Border

Are you a fan of a Canadian NHL team? Is there any optimism for the future in seeing no Canadian teams in the playoff picture? Are you in dismay, thinking your team is in shambles?

Le bleu, blanc, et rouge: Jeff Marek of Sportsnet says their 2015-16 hart trophy candidate should be Carey Price. They’ve also missed Jeff Petry, Tom Gilbert, Nathan Beaulieu for a significant chunk of the season. Is missing Brendan Gallagher or a Norris-candidate defenceman for 14 games a concern too?

Operation Yeg: Didn’t we all expect another last place finish? As is tradition, no? The Oilers are building something special, Rogers Place. Maybe something with Connor McDavid too.

C of Red: The biggest concern of the season: To stop or not to stop a puck? Is Jon Gillies ready? Could they trade for Jonathan Bernier?

True North: Stop getting grounded by poor goaltending and bad discipline. 2016-17 better be a year of maturation.

Screenshot 2016-04-09 12.45.41

Stats from Sporting Charts

Ottawa Senators: If the Senators want to have success, Clarke MacArthur and Kyle Turris better be healthy. 2016-17 should be a fresh start for the group

Rainy City: It’s time to accelerate the retool without regard for the Sedin twins.

Big Smoke: Trust in the Shanaplan.


Image from Nation Gear

Stop fretting that your team is in shambles.

Success is coming.



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