Evgeni Melnyk’s Plan

Who wants to get rid of a perfectly fine hockey rink? The Canadian Tire Centre will not be home to the Ottawa Senators in the year of 2021. Four and a half months later, Eugene Melnyk got his way.

Eugene Melnyk wants a new multiuse rink to replace the current home of the Ottawa Senators, the Canadian Tire Centre. Mr. Melnyk obviously wants to have full control over the rink, which is why he pursued the development of a rink with RendezVous Lebreton Group.

LeBreton Flats is currently an open space of land located adjacent to Ottawa’s downtown core. Two development plans were proposed, one from the Devcore Canderel DLS and one from the RendezVous LeBreton Group. RendezVous LeBreton was backed by the Ottawa Senators, and was ultimately chosen as the most suitable for a growing urban center.

The 20 year-young Canadian Tire Centre currently seats 19 153. The home of the Senators has been host to the NHL All-star game, basketball games between the University of Ottawa and Carleton University, as well as music and entertainment events.

Why waste the Canadian Tire Centre when businesses are currently flocking to that area? Across the Highway 417 from the Canadian Tire Centre is the young Tanger Outlets. The strip mall includes brands such as Reebok, Ralph Lauren, American Eagle, Nike, and Adidas. Kanata, which is the town where the Canadian Tire is located, is home to a growing suburban development. One of the main reasons for having Tanger Outlets and the Mattamy Homes developments is to have local residents travel a short distance to Ottawa Senators games.

RendezVous LeBreton Group’s proposal gets an arena right where the team should have originally been. LeBreton Flats is perfectly located adjacent to the downtown core, a hub for the future of the capital city of Canada.

Downtown Ottawa lacks a true entertainment core, despite having the canal frozen and Winterlude in the winter. Having a new hockey rink would be perfect for attracting hockey fans, and the surrounding area would be great for tourism.

“It’ll be good, since as you know, to get to the Canadian Tire Centre, it is a pain. It’ll be nice to have the arena in the downtown core, like in Toronto with the ACC. It’s also not too far from the other downtown field/arena, TD Place. It’ll also reinvent the downtown to be other than government buildings.”

–Viraj Dave, Carleton University student

The development of LeBreton Flats with a new hockey rink as a new home to the Ottawa Senators would be the perfect follow-up to what the city accomplished with Lansdowne Park. After the Canadian Football League expanded with the Ottawa Redblacks, Lansdowne Park was rejuvenated. The stadium (now branded as TD Place) is modernized, and the surrounding area was rejuvenated with VIP Cineplex movie theaters and newly built condominiums on the city’s main artery, Bank Street.

On average, travel time from the city of Ottawa by public transit would take an hour and a half, while a drive would be less than 30 minutes in good traffic. Residents of the Ottawa region will find travelling home easier with the old and new downtown residential areas being steps from the new hockey arena.

The much anticipated rejuvenation of LeBreton Flats will be what the city of Ottawa needs. Ottawa can be a world-class city with a revolutionary entertainment hub, and not rely on government buildings such as museums to be its main attractions. Here comes a new beauty in the city of Ottawa.

If Melnyk is investing in a new rink, he should also do what was recommended (Advanced stats, get a President of the team, and erase the internal cap) in a previous post:


Image from http://wpmedia.ottawacitizen.com/2016/01/major-event-centre-e1453824830241.jpeg?quality=55&strip=all


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