Time and Place

If you’re trying to make an impression for your new team, one thing you could do is board a well-liked veteran in a team scrimmage.

There’s your impression. It’s a negative one, and you might not be well-liked your fellow teammates.

After playing just four games in the 2015-16 season due to an injury-plagued season, Clarke MacArthur arrived to Sens’ training camp hoping that he would be up to speed. The Sens of course, were looking forward to having him back.

For Sieloff to hit MacArthur in a situation that is training camp, he should pick the right time to be physical. Is an intra-squad scrimmage the time and place to make big hits?

Obviously not. Showing your willingness to compete should be in a game situation, AGAINST OTHER NHL TEAMS.

Forwards Bobby Ryan and Chris Neil were not happy with Sieloff’s hit. Ryan exchanged a few fisticuffs, and later Neil confronted Sieloff.

MacArthur now has a concussion due to a big hit by his own teammate. While Sieloff is expected to play for Ottawa’s AHL affiliate Binghamton Senators, he might have left a poor first impression by his future teammates.

Should the Sens trade Sieloff?


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