Forgetting about Appealing to Children

The Edmonton Oilers unveiled their first mascot in team history on Monday morning. Hunter the Canadian Lynx was named after the team’s founder of 1972, Bill Hunter. Hunter will wear number 72 and has an authentic look. The mascot isn’t kid-friendly, so what will be the lifespan of the newest member of the Oilers?

Let’s begin with the wow factor.

Oh right, there’s no cartoonish kid-friendly appeal. Yes, we haven’t seen Hunter in-person, but Hunter is outright scary. Let’s look at the options the Oilers could have gone with:

Hunter the Oil Rig:

The Oilers use an oil rig when the players skate out in the introductions, why not continue the theme of what the team is. It’s probably not the most ideal mascot.

Nail Yakupov:

He hasn’t been used to his capabilities and he’s adored by the fans. Might as well pay him to give all the love.

Embed from Getty Images

A cartoon, kid-friendly Hunter the Lynx:

Build a lynx that isn’t terrifying. Less of a scary face.

So how long will Hunter the Lynx last as the Oilers’ mascot. For the first team mascot, the kid-friendly aspect was definitely forgotten.

It’s another bad move added on to the atrocity of the past ten years. Four first overall picks in six years. Trading Hall to the Devils. And Now Hunter the Lynx. Time to hope McDavid is the true saviour.


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